Photo trib for Pete Shelley

Buzzcocks artwork adorned my bedroom wall in the 70’s. RIP Pete. xTBCx


Artwork for the radio edit of Fountains

Was out in Alexandra Park, Oldham, UK on Sunday and snapped this on my phone. I’m working on a radio edit of the single and thought this is a more striking image for the artwork. 


Review by Anne Estella

The Burning Curtains are in the press. Read this great review of TBCs’ debut single “Fountains” on Down The Front Media’s music review page. “The raw, industrial offering that TBC have produced is unmistakably British in character”  Anne Estella 

Bars, bordellos & beaches

We are currently booking for our 2019 UK tour. We can’t wait to get on the road and meet you all. xTBCx 

Back to the studio

Back to tracking guitars this week for our next release “Phoenix Sessions” which will be a 3 track EP featuring “Punk”, “Sometimes” and “Hypertension”.  These three tracks featured in a live webcast earlier in the year and reached an audience in excess of 3000. Due for release worldwide after Christmas, we shall be making it available on 7 inch vinyl in a limited run of 100 copies. These will be exclusively available to purchase from the venues we will be playing from April next year. Cant wait for you to hear it. xTBCx

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