Boom! Punk is here…

Single release from The Burning Curtains – Punk – December 26th 2019

“Unflinchingly bombastic, Mancunian indie punk” – The F Hole

“In yer tw*tting face!” – Dazed

“OMG” – Time Out

Punk is The Burning Curtains’ fourth single release and follows the critical success of their three previous offerings which have racked up over 40k worldwide streams. Everyday, somewhere in the world TBC are aired on radio from Capetown to Vancouver and have garnered a large and growing following of discerning fans. 

The track features original member Brian Hoyle on drums recorded at Huddersfield University by Joe Sage in January 2018. Following a hiatus later that year when Hoyle departed the band, Stuart Campbell continued work on the track in 2019 before handing over to Joe for final mix and mastering.

Punk will also form part of a three track recording entitled Phoenix Sessions, due for release on New Year’s Day 2020. Including Hypertension and Sometimes, these are the only tracks which feature Hoyle on drums and will also be released later in the year on CD.

Punk is a refreshing change from the normal fare of cocky Manchester colloquial musak. Post punk Punk has a broad appeal and drops well into the mix of TBCs’ previous releases which were also expertly mixed by Joe Sage of Nevis Audio. We can’t wait for the debut album slated to drop later in 2020. For those of you who have yet to hear them, now is the time to give your ears a treat…

Curtesy: Kelsey J. KJRS. Radio live from the Mojave.

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