Just some info about The Burning Curtains.

Formed in 2014, Stuart Campbell’s and Brian Hoyle’s partnership brought acclaim from those who had heard their music. Interest came from Alex Dematteus (one of the people behind the early success of The Slow Readers Club) who became their manager in 2018 and who in turn secured Jack Richard Sobel (Lead Singer with Black Swan Lane and Wonderland Music Publishing boss) as producer for their debut album. As with a lot of things in this fickle business, those plans were shelved when Brian Hoyle controversially departed the band. Stuart continues on with the project, but now solo. Working closely with Joe A. Sage, an engineer and professional mixer, Stuart and the The Burning Curtains recently celebrated the release of a debut single, ‘Fountains’, on November 5th which has courted fabulous reviews from listeners around the globe.


Stuart Campbell (Guitars/Bass/Vocals/Drums) has had a long history in music: Selfish Art, Partisan Grey, Aquitas, Chrysalids, Sunhouse, Cane Toads are a few previous muses. The Burning Curtains hail from Middleton, Manchester, home of the Chameleons, The Mock Turtles, Inspiral Carpets, The Space Monkeys, The Reegs and The Courteeners. In fact the bands name ‘The Burning Curtains’ was first muted by Reg Smithies of the Chameleons as a possible name for them, but they chose the Chameleons instead, seemed a shame to waste it.

The Future

The single, ‘Fountains’, will be followed by a 3 track EP in the winter/spring of 2019. It will feature recordings with ex-drummer Brian Hoyle and will be entitled “Phoenix Sessions”, after the name of their old studio in Heywood, Lancashire.

The Burning Curtains are now at a juncture. Stuart has been talking collaboration with Harry Miller, ex lead singer and guitarist for Philadelphia’s ‘Our Fading Smiles’ for work on The Burning Curtains’ debut album and perhaps a new project.

Also in the mix, some solo acoustic performances taking in unusual places around the UK and southern Europe starting next April, which will take TBC to the Outer Hebrides and Mallorca, which will coincide with the release of our debut album.


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