Lyric Video for Punk

Here’s a little lyric video for TBCs’ latest release ‘Punk’ which hit digital stores worldwide on Boxing Day, 26 December 2019. … Continue readingLyric Video for Punk


Boom! Punk is here…

Punk is The Burning Curtains’ fourth single release and follows the critical success of their three previous offerings which have racked up over 40k worldwide streams. Everyday, somewhere in the world TBC are aired on radio from Capetown to Vancouver and have garnered a large and growing following of discerning fans. … Continue readingBoom! Punk is here…



Set to drop on December 26th 2019, Punk is the final single to be lifted from the EP Phoenix Sessions which is due in the New Year. Produced by Stuart Campbell, Recorded by Joe Sage and Stuart Campbell and both Mixed and Mastered by Joe Sage for Nevis Audio, Punk is a tour-de-force of post-punk Manchester indie. … Continue readingPunk


Spring Is In The Air!

Welcome to Spring Curtaineers! Time for an update and a clear out to set our objectives for the coming summer. Great to announce that The Burning Curtains are now Number 1 in the Manchester Indie Chart! … Continue readingSpring Is In The Air!


On the Road with TBC – DIY Tour!

We’ll be announcing a whole heap of gigs very soon as the first leg of our summer tour starts this June. We have a few random performances coming up in April and May as we set out our stall for hitting the road which will take us well into 2020 and beyond. … Continue readingOn the Road with TBC – DIY Tour!


My name is… Carter’s Revenge

As you know TBC have a passion for the cinema of the ’60s and ’70s and one of our all-time favourites is the British gangster classic, Get Carter starring the great Micheal Caine. It’s not the first time this film has influenced musicians with their artistic endeavours, The Human League also paid homage in their track of the same name on the seminal album Dare. … Continue readingMy name is… Carter’s Revenge


Announcing lofi* TBC’s debut album

Here’s a sneak peek at TBC’s new album cover design. The album will feature 8 tracks and will be mixed the old fashioned way! It will be named lofi* and it has a few surprises in store. … Continue readingAnnouncing lofi* TBC’s debut album


It’s Coming! Sometimes is immense​!

The imminent release of The Burning Curtains next single “Sometimes”, is upon us.  The final mix has been approved and we are just awaiting the master for upload to our distributor. … Continue readingIt’s Coming! Sometimes is immense​!


TBC & New Year 2019

Welcome one and all to 2019. This year will see me celebrate my 56th revolution around the sun, the imminent release of the Phoenix Sessions EP, the recording of TBC’s debut album and the start of TBC’s Bars, Bordellos & Beaches tour. 2018 marked a turning point in the life of The Burning Curtains. The year was full of highs and lows. The lows are now behind us and the highs we can continue to celebrate particularly the release of our debut single Fountains which has clocked up over four and a half thousand streams and downloads since its release on 5th November last year. … Continue readingTBC & New Year 2019


Back recording for our next release – Phoenix Sessions EP

Sometimes is coming along nicely. I’ve already finished Hypertension and Punk is on the menu for tomorrow. Here’s a little video of yours truly deep in shoegaze guitar heaven!

Photo trib for Pete Shelley

Buzzcocks artwork adorned my bedroom wall in the ‘70s. RIP Pete. xTBCx


Artwork for the radio edit of Fountains

Was out in Alexandra Park, Oldham, UK on Sunday and snapped this on my phone. I’m working on a radio edit of the single and thought this is a more striking image for the artwork.  While you’re here why not have a listen to “Fountains” on Spotify?


Back to the studio

Back to tracking guitars this week for our next release “Phoenix Sessions” which will be a 3 track EP featuring “Punk”, “Sometimes” and “Hypertension”.  These three tracks featured in a live webcast earlier in the year and reached an audience in excess of 3000. Due for release worldwide after Christmas, we shall be making it available on 7 inch vinyl in a limited run of 100 copies. These will be exclusively available to purchase from the venues we will be playing from April next year. Cant wait for you to hear it. xTBCx


Take No Prisoners

Only one more day to wait before the launch of TBC’s debut single “Fountains” 🎶🎸😎🚀 Today we’ll be doing an interview with Tim Forker of Forkster Music Promotions which will be available on his blog and online tomorrow. It’s been a long road to get to this point. There have been casualties along the way. This is the end of the beginning and as a new chapter unfolds we hope you can stay with us and enjoy the rush xTBCx


Back to Bullitt

One of the first songs to emerge from our damp basement in Jim Allen’s old house in Middleton and inspired by 1968 movie thriller of the same name, I’ve decided to bring this TBC classic back into the sunlight where it belongs. 


Master for Fountains was delivered today and uploaded for release.  Make a note for the 5th of November. Our debut single will be available on all your usual digital channels worldwide. So happy that we are finally there and a massive thank-you goes to Joe Sage who has done a remarkable job for TBC. Love ‘n’ stuff Stuart Campbell

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