Announcing lofi* TBC’s debut album

Welcome to The Burning Curtains’ official webpage. Manchester’s most whispered about Indie band on their own WhereEgosDareMusic label with distribution through Warner Music.

In the current incarnation, The Burning Curtains are the solo project of Stuart Campbell, a Mancunian multi-instrumentalist, songwriter-producer and performer. With two singles on current release and a debut album scheduled to drop in 2020, their brand of industrial post-punk alternative indie has been highly regarded as one of Manchester’s best-kept secrets. Campbell’s own musical credentials span four decades in the city and TBC are a tour de force of the unpretentious spirit of legendary Northern Indie.

Here’s a sneak peek at TBC’s new album cover design. The album will feature 8 tracks and will be mixed the old fashioned way! It will be named lofi* and it has a few surprises in store.

What do you think? Let us know.

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