Video Release for Hypertension

Viewer discretion advised 😉

Please enjoy this video responsibly!

This is the new promotional video for The Burning Curtains’ third single release “Hypertension”, due for worldwide release next Monday (June 10 2019).

Please feel free to share it far and wide. Be warned though, it “includes an image or video depicting people performing seductive or implied sexual acts (e.g. removing clothing, provocative dancing etc.).” that’s in Facebook’s words LOL! So don’t be showing it to your grandma! Enjoy it!

The video again is in eclectic TBC style, I’d like to call it, video decoupage! The cuttings are from YouTube and are used under the Creative Commons license as they are freely available in the public domain. They are from a variety of sources including the BBC show Top of the Pops’ dancers The Go Jo’s, Pans People and Legs & Co. Other footage is from The Forbidden Daughters (1927).

©2019 The Burning Curtains/Where Egos Dare Music – All Rights Reserved.

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