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Mr Joe Sage

Just listening to the final mix of ‘Fountains’, top job Joe. Give Joe a visit:

Tour Name Released

After some deliberation, 20 seconds of it, I have decided to name the tour “Bars, Bordellos & Beaches Tour”. What do you think?

Tour News

Looking to do some solo semi-acoustic busking-style gigs next year starting in June/July.  Specifically looking at small venues, radio stations, record shops, pubs, cafes, high streets even your front yard! I’m off to the Scottish highlands and the Outer Hebrides in July and August for a holiday so I’ll be packing my guitar, mic and amp along with the tent and boots for a Scottish adventure.  In the Autumn we’re of to the Med and I’ll be playing at a mates bar in Santa Ponsa, Mallorca. Tbh if that’s as far as I get with it I’ll be well chuffed! I will be fully “self-contained” and if you have an idea or suggestion for a gig stop along the way I would love to hear it.  I’ll publish a map and calendar soon to start pencilling in some dates.  By then I will also be a fully trained barber! (musicians have to have a day job)  So come and see me play, listen to some awesome music and get your hair cut at the same time!  xTBCx xSCx

Announcing xTBCx merch store – soon!

To coincide with the release of our debut single tbc have opened a merch store portal. Give us a week or so to get stuff ironed out and we’ll point you the way to cool t-shirts and other xTBCx “apparel” xTBCx

Hello from The Burning Curtains

Please bear with us as we configure our site over the coming days to prepare for our debut single launch.

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