Press Release – Sometimes

Press Release – Sometimes, the new single by TBC due February 11th 2019

Announcing the release of “Sometimes”, The Burning Curtains’ second single, to be launched worldwide on Monday February 11th 2019 on all digital download and streaming platforms.

Image of standing stones at Kilmartin, Argyll. Scotland.
Standing stones at Kilmartin

Three months after the successful and much lauded debut single “Fountains”, comes the eagerly anticipated follow-up single “Sometimes”. Part of the “Phoenix Sessions” EP series, “Sometimes” features ex-drummer Brian Hoyle from a recording made in January 2018 at Huddersfield University under the guidance of engineer and mixer, J.A Sage. The track was completed in the fall of 2018 in TBC’s producer/vocalist Stuart Campbell’s studio then mixed and mastered by J.A Sage in January 2019.

“Sometimes” is an introspective look at front-man Campbell’s personal experience of the difficulties working in the often claustrophobic atmosphere of bands and the retinue of ego and insecurities that accompany them along their musical way. “As a bass player, you were always seen as subordinate to whoever fronted the band”, says Campbell, “the prevailing hierarchy always seemed to follow from those who adopted the title of ‘Lead’, lead singers in particular! who took it to mean band-leader even though they were evidently the least qualified to have that responsibility”. Is it a dig at them? “Maybe a little”, says Campbell “but the lyrics reference how other people’s behaviour can be detrimental to your own, you just end up as bad as the perpetrator, you just reflect that negative environment in the end”, adding, ”although there is a redemptive element in the song, a memory, perhaps of the original dream.”

A new video to accompany the release of “Sometimes”, is currently in post-production and will follow the montage style first seen in the promo video for “Fountains”. Stuart spent time at film school in the ’90’s, and likes the creative editing process using montage images and post-production digital effects. He says “Video has become such an important part of music promotion in these times of on-demand, access anywhere, instant media. I have had just as many views on my YouTube channel as I have had downloads from iTunes, It’s an important avenue.” The video will be released on the same day as the single, February 11th.

The Burning Curtains are currently working towards completing their debut album this coming summer and there will be two more releases this spring from the “Phoenix Sessions” EP, “Hypertension” and “Punk”. Progress is well underway for live performances too, starting in June, TBC are booking gigs for their Bars, Bordellos & Beaches tour.


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