7 Days & Counting – Sometimes

Only seven days to wait for the release of TBCs’ second single, “Sometimes”. Already debuted on a number of radio stations to critical acclaim, “Sometimes” is a tour de force of Post Punk, Industrial, Manchester Indie music. Dropping worldwide through all the usual digital outlets on February 11th 2019, “Sometimes” cements The Burning Curtains’ reputation as the band to watch in 2019. Hailed as ‘Manchester’s most whispered about band‘, the chatter is now very much audible! Special thanks have to go to Jules and Bob at Ridge Radio, Dawn Martinez at Radio Indie FreeForm, Moldie at Absolute Soul Radio, and a big shout too for Steve Garrett at Radio Northwich for championing Indie music from Manchester.

Standing Stones at Kilmartin – Stuart Campbell

“Sometimes” is the first track to feature from the “Phoenix Sessions” EP, due to be released this coming spring. We are so excited about this next phase in The Burning Curtains’ musical journey and we hope you will be too. Stuart Campbell xTBCx

TBCs’ Sometimes video premieres on February 11th

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