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Announcing the first track to be released from the Phoenix Sessions will be Sometimes. A song we consider to be probably our most commercial to date. The track is currently with our most excellent engineer and mixer J.A. Sage, and he’s set to start the final mix next week. Following approval by yours truly, the track will be left with Joe for mastering and then it will be uploaded to our distributor via our label and publisher Where Egos Dare Music.

We’ve decided that the tracks for the EP, Phoenix Sessions, will have a rolling release starting with Sometimes in February. This will be followed by Punk in March and finally Hypertension in April. Essentially they will form a series of single releases culminating in the release of the complete EP for the start of the mini tour on April 6th. There are financial reasons for doing this (it’s a costly endevour) but it will give us the opportunity to raise our profile and garner interest in TBC with a continuing feed of new music, videos and press as we head off into 2019.


Sometimes I don’t know what to say
you don’t listen anyway 
And when I try to reach out to you
will you let me feel that too?

Sometimes I feel, I’m falling, falling X 2
Everytime I see your face I’m reminded of a memory

Your words took a hold on me
as they drew me in to your fantasy
You led me on but now you’re gone
blaming me for your hypocrisy

Maybe I could take from this now
as I know my life it ain’t over
The chance has come and what’s done is done
and again we are all growing older

Sometimes I feel, I’m falling, falling X 2
Everytime I see your face I’m reminded of a memory

(Middle eight)
Sometimes I feel x3

I know you want to talk to me now 
and you guessed I don’t want to hear it
Maybe you’ll try to reach out to me
and again I ain’t gonna feel it

Sometimes I feel, I’m falling, falling X 2
Everytime I see your face I’m reminded of a memory

Time goes fast as does the light of the sun
in the night it only gets colder…
…and sometimes

Lyrics ©2016 Stuart Campbell & Where Egos Dare Music

It’s been a year since we started this recording. Joe invited both Brian and myself to Huddersfield University to record the Bass and Drum tracks in January 2017 and the Guitar and Vocals were again recorded in my dining room after Brian departed the band. I’ve made a few a few changes to the tracks since the old demos to include multi layered guitar parts with less reliance on the Octaved Lead Bass to provide the driving melody. I think this new direction in TBC’s production has elevated our sound somewhat and given the band more dimentions to explore musically. I hope you like it.

Stuart Campbell xTBCx

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