Press Release – Sometimes

Three months after the successful and much lauded debut single “Fountains”, comes the eagerly anticipated follow-up single “Sometimes”. Part of the “Phoenix Sessions” EP series, “Sometimes” features ex-drummer Brian Hoyle from a recording made in January 2018 at Huddersfield University under the guidance of engineer and mixer, J.A Sage. The track was completed in the fall of 2018 in TBC’s producer/vocalist Stuart Campbell’s studio then mixed and mastered by J.A Sage in January 2019. … Continue readingPress Release – Sometimes


It’s Coming! Sometimes is immense​!

The imminent release of The Burning Curtains next single “Sometimes”, is upon us.  The final mix has been approved and we are just awaiting the master for upload to our distributor. … Continue readingIt’s Coming! Sometimes is immense​!

Submission Letter

Submission Letter for The Burning Curtains debut single Fountains.

We’ve published this online so if any of our fans and followers want to pass on the post to anyone who can help promote The Burning Curtains they can do. The Curtaineers we consider are family and as such will help each other out. Feel free to download your own copy of the radio edit of Fountains as a way of a thank you. xTBCx
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Announcing the first track to be released from the Phoenix Sessions will be Sometimes. A song we consider to be probably our most commercial to date. The track is currently with our most excellent engineer and mixer J.A. Sage, and he’s set to start the final mix next week. Following approval by yours truly, the track will be left with Joe for mastering and then it will be uploaded to our distributor via our label and publisher Where Egos Dare Music. We’ve decided that the tracks for the EP, Phoenix Sessions, will have a rolling release starting with Sometimes in February. This will be followed by Punk in March and finally Hypertension in April. … Continue readingSometimes


TBC & New Year 2019

Welcome one and all to 2019. This year will see me celebrate my 56th revolution around the sun, the imminent release of the Phoenix Sessions EP, the recording of TBC’s debut album and the start of TBC’s Bars, Bordellos & Beaches tour. 2018 marked a turning point in the life of The Burning Curtains. The year was full of highs and lows. The lows are now behind us and the highs we can continue to celebrate particularly the release of our debut single Fountains which has clocked up over four and a half thousand streams and downloads since its release on 5th November last year. … Continue readingTBC & New Year 2019

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